Cole Bros Circus

Last week we took Rohan to Circus. I must say my husband and me were also excited as well. This was the first time we were attending a circus in the states. This was a Cole Bros Circus and I am not sure how many of you have been to one. I must say I had mixed feelings coming out of the show and Rohan also only partially enjoyed it. The show started with a bike stunt which was pretty impressive I must say - three bikers were going round in circles inside a hollow sphere. Thereafter things went downhill. The clowns were pretty boring and the audio sounded like internet voice over modem lines - that's the best description my hubby came up with! I look forward to the Ringling Circus in metro downtown next which I hope is much better quality and content.


The Old Timer said...

I'm afraid that the days of the REAL tented cicuses are just about past. Back in the mid-1930's Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey had a gigantic tent with 7 rings and stages. There was a big menagerie tent with lots of wild animals on display and even a top notch sideshow with all sorts of strange people and exhibits. The music was terrific with an excellent live circus band. The clowns were really funny. They even had a clown fire department. The circus was so large it traveled by 4 railroad trains.